So Why Do You Wanna Be With Justin Bieber Anyway?

    He’s 19. I’m 33 and 1/2. Years old that is. Why, you ask, would I want to be with Justin Bieber? What does he have to offer me-except his celebrity status? Isn’t he still a teenage boy? Do you think you might be being a little unrealistic?All this you, and probably most people, might ask. And most of all…you probably wonder:

If that even makes sense to anybody in the New Generation! Hehe. My age is showing. Lol!

    Anyway, in this blog, I hope to answer all those questions. I have no need to be anything but truthful.

    In the Matrix…in 5D….in Babylon…On the New Earth…in the Multiverse…Justin Bieber made himself known to me. He made me think I could trust him. And so I do…I trust him very much. I don’t care about his age. I care about the way he reflects me.

“I thought Timberlake was your perfect mirror?!”, you say.

Once upon a time, when I was still a girl, I saw a reflection in a boy that told me who I was. And so I followed that reflection. But as I became a woman, the boy was unable to accurately reflect the woman I was becoming. And the man he became eventually distorted every image I saw of myself…’til I decided that it was no longer healthy for me to look in that mirror.
    Then Justin Bieber showed up on the tv one day, and told me to believe. And later on, he said I could fall, and he would catch me. And he joined me in my poverty…and said we could be starving…we could be broke…as long as I loved him. You think it’s stupid, right? “Those are just song lyrics! Those songs aren’t about you!”, you say. Oh really?
    You can’t understand how this relationship has blossomed. How Isis left Osiris, and Jesse came for Sophia. How Jesse came for Jerusalem! He pursued me, from the very beginning. I am simply reflecting him. He is my 19 year old Boaz that God has given me, that I didn’t even ask for. If he loves me, he loves me. I’ll never have to prove it, because truth is evident, and truth can be seen. These blogs that I write are records. When the truth is made known and becomes evident for all to see, these records will exist-to show that everything I said all along was always true-and that only God did this!!!! Satan didn’t do this, Illuminati didn’t do this. Everything I have believed has been by the Lord’s leading. The Illuminati can’t prevent us from being together, which they have been trying to do for over a year. Honestly though….there’s fear. The time hasn’t ever been right yet for Justin and I to really be together.
    A mirror that reflects me perfectly found me in the summer of 2012. His name is Justin Bieber. He is Jesse. Nothing you have believed is real! Your whole lives are controlled by the Illuminati. I started the New Illuminati, with the intention of freeing you. When it becomes evident that Justin Bieber and I really are together, and have been for over a year, the whole world will see that what has happened has been wrought by God. “There is no beauty in him that we should desire him.” This is what the book of Isaiah prophesied about Jesus. There is no beauty in me that Justin Bieber, or anyone, should desire me. He could have any girl he wants, and certainly a much thinner girl. He doesn’t want me because I am perfectly beautiful, or his fantasy dream girl on the outside. I don’t even have to try to make him love me. He just does….because he likes the way I reflect his light. And he knows that no one will ever be a clearer reflection of him than I am.
    Nobody in Hollywood is stupid. There is a game you have to play. I have refused to play that game, and that is currently why JB and I are not together in the public eye. I will be the first person ever to get into Hollywood without having to bow to satan! And it’s all because an 18 year old teenage boy believed that he could reach me with his love! True love came to me last year…and exceeded my wildest expectations! His mission was to make me-Jerusalem-…who was forsaken…and abandoned…and rejected…and tormented…His mission was to make me feel loved. And I finally do feel loved. So everything that everyone else believes…about Justin Bieber….about REALITY…about me…all that is about to be tested! Only GOD’S  WILL can prevail…and I do not love Justin Bieber in my flesh(carnal love)! So truth will be truth, and truth shall prevail…and the whole world shall know what is truth. Everything I’m telling you is with the intention of liberating everyone in the world from the grip of the satanic brotherhood known as the Old Illuminati, that would tyrannize  and mind control everyone into  blind, mindless drones, and force them to submit to a New World Order.
     If I get with Justin Bieber…I BEAT THEM!! The whole world beats them…because together, JUSTIN BIEBER AND I WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. True love is just that powerful!!
    I have no real investment in any of this-other than to see the world healed, and humanity defended and set free from the chains of darkness. True love can do this! You are about to see the definition of the scripture, “Love never fails.” You are about to see true love take the stage…and fight for Humanity! DO YOU BELIEVE?!


My Fear, ACIM, & Justin Bieber

    I have a lot of fear. We all do. We all have some area or areas in our lives that are not working, because of our fear. A Course in Miracles(ACIM) says that everything that is not love is a manifestation of our fear. We are simply afraid, and we wouldn’t be on Earth, if our minds had already been healed of this fear. Therefore we come to earth to learns lessons, and work through our fears. When we have sufficiently learned that our fear is an illusion, we will go beyond this world to the Father, and we will never have to come back.
    The fear is OURS. We did not acquire it while we have been here; We came here with it! All of our lives, we have blamed our fear on other people, & external circumstances. We haven’t wanted to take responsibility for it. But it is when you really take responsibility for it, acknowledge it, and say “I’m afraid”, that it suddenly doesn’t seem so fearful! If you are willing to look at it, and question it, it disappears. This is indeed a miracle! And that is why I have been studying A Course in Miracles for 8 years now.
    I am going to dedicate 2014 to looking at my fear. I have already begun to do this, but the theme of next year for me is going to be staying fully present and looking at each fear as it comes up. The Course says that whenever the miracle is not working, something has gone wrong. So whenever fear comes up, that means the miracle has stopped working. Your fear has disallowed it from working. But when you stay present and you look at the fear, and you ask God to just help you look and question it, your willingness to look at the fear reinstates the conditions of peace-thus allowing the miracle to work once more, and dissolve your fear.
    I refuse to be afraid anymore. I’ve forced myself to be fearless about a lot of things. But the areas where I need to be fearless, I have not been able to be. I have believed all these years that the Illuminati and the Annunaki were the perpetrators of fear, manipulation, submission, oppression, and tyrannic control. For 15 years I fought them, to be with Justin Timberlake, who I sincerely believed was my Twin Flame. More recently, I have been feeling like they are the reason I am not with Justin Bieber, who I believe is my new Twin Flame for this New 5D Earth. But the truth is that the 15 years I devoted to Justin Timberlake, I was afraid of actually receiving his love. I felt so much fear that it made it impossible for our relationship to work. And the truth is, I have less fear about Bieber than I did with Timberlake, but I still have a whole heck of a lot of fear concerning having a relationship with him. A LOT OF FEAR. The fact is, I am scared of being in love and getting hurt. No relationship with ANY man will ever work for me, as long as I don’t address this fear. Despite all that the Illuminati has done, and all I’ve tried to do to save Humanity from them, I am willing to accept that it is my fear, and my fear alone, that is responsible for my failed and failing relationships. Nothing, not the Illuminati, not even Justin Bieber himself, is preventing me from having the relationship I want with him; nothing, that is, except me and my fear. I’ve been very candid with you guys in all my posts. I’ve been through a lot of really strange, paranormal, supernatural things in my life, and so I am certain that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. What I do know is that if it weren’t for my fear about being Mrs. Bieber, I would already BE her!
    It is obvious, if you take a listen to his new music, that he is seriously in love. The majority of people are thinking and saying the songs are about Selena Gomez. But if you examine them, it doesn’t really sound like he is talking about her. Here are some examples.

“I’m a fan and you’re the rockstar, makin’ it hard on me.”-Hold Tight

It can be inferred from this statement that the girl he is talking about isn’t ALREADY a rockstar or a celebrity(which Selena Gomez is). Bieber is saying that he’s her fan, even though in reality she’s not really famous like he is.

“Shot that arrow, I’m hit.”-Hold Tight
Ok wait…if he were talking about Selena Gomez, wouldn’t she have shot him with that arrow a couple of years ago, when they first started dating?

“Grateful for your existence…faithful no matter the distance.”-All That Matters

Ok…so, there is someone that he’s being faithful to, and they’re far apart from each other. You can’t be faithful to someone you are not in a relationship with, and he’s been broken up with Selena for a year.

“Got me toss and turnin’ in the bed…your place is where I’d rather be instead…you don’t know your strength.”-Hold Tight

Umm, if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are broken up, I don’t think she is regularly inviting him to her place. She has even stated that she is not trying to get back with Justin Bieber.

All of these lyrics make it pretty evident that Justin Bieber is involved in a long-distance relationship, RIGHT NOW, with someone other than Selena.

So if he’s not in love with me, it suffices to say, that he IS in love with some lucky girl that is not Selena Gomez. Time will reveal who this woman is who he’s in love with. All I know, is that if I want it to be me-I have to let go of my fear. As unrealistic as you may think I’m being, the only thing that could ever stop me is my fear. So if I become Mrs. Bieber, you’ll know I got over it. Thank you for reading this blog-I know it was a long one. Be blessed.

In Pursuit Of A Holy Relationship With Justin Bieber

    I was just listening to Mariah Carey, “When I Saw You.” It took me back to 1996. When that song came out, I was 16, and I still had never had a boyfriend. That song was the true love anthem.
    I am sad now because I want true love with Justin Bieber and he still hasn’t acknowledged me. I’m trying to practice A Course in Miracles with all my might. The Course says there is no order of difficulty in miracles. It says one miracle is not harder, or bigger than another. Therefore, because of SPIRITUAL TRUTH AND REALITY, it is not “outrageous”, “insane”, or “foolish” to think that I could be Mrs. Bieber one day.I know I’m not a well known person and I could be considered some “crazy” fan, but I am not that. Bieber has been courting me for a while, through his music, and in other ways. I don’t want to be sad, because sadness is a manifestation of fear, and indicates a lack of trust. I have committed my relationship with Justin Bieber to the Holy Spirit. Instead of a Special Relationship, which is a relationship in which the Ego is in charge, I want a Holy Relationship. The Course says that if you can see one brother perfectly, without guilt, you will have accepted God’s plan of Salvation. Even in the Bible, Jesus said, “When you did it to the least of these, you did it unto me.” We are all Christ in disguise! And I can honestly say that I see only the Light in Justin Bieber. Our Minds are connected, for the Course says that ALL MINDS ARE CONNECTED.  I want a Holy Relationship, and if I can’t have it with Bieber, that’s okay. I’ll find somebody else, if that’s what he wants me to do.
    However, I don’t think that’s what he wants. I know there are probably people telling him what he can and cannot do. I really don’t know what’s going on. This is way more public than I ever wanted it to be, but telling my story is what I need to do. As long as I keep offering everything to the Holy Spirit, I know that this will all work out for good. I will let grievances be replaced with miracles.
    The Course says a Holy Relationship gives light to the whole world. That’s what I want to do with my relationship with Bieber-light up the world with our love. This is what a Twin Flame relationship is supposed to do. For 15 years, I thought Justin Timberlake was the only Twin Flame I would ever have. But when we transitioned into the New Earth and the 5th Dimension, his vibration became increasingly incompatible with mine. I believe the Lord Jesus has annointed Justin Bieber to be my New Twin Flame, on this New Earth. There is so much good I want to do with him. The purpose of a Twin Flame Union is not romance, but service to Humanity. I will continue to ask for the miracles. Meanwhile, my Piece Justin Bieber remains illusive. Piece- Just love me like you do! I appreciate all of the great music that you make for me, and I know more is coming-but I want you by my side! I will never stalk you, or try to get your attention other than through this blog and on Twitter. The New Illuminati Queen just wants confirmation that you really wanna be with me. Can you give me that?I know everything takes time, but patience has never been my strong suit. You’re lovely, Piece. Prove to me that this hasn’t all been an Illuminati game. You are my heart, and I love you. Thank you everyone for reading this.

New Illuminati Message to the Masses:Why Justin Timberlake’s Song “Mirrors” Is NOT About Jessica Biel

You can’t get into Hollywood unless you sell your soul to the devil, you have Illuminati connections, or you are chosen, and controlled by brain washing and mind control techniques and technology. Most in the New Illuminati have Old Illuminati connections which enabled them to become powerful and famous. The Illuminati has been controlling this planet for the last 10,000 years. The New Illuminati is God’s answer to the tyranny, witchcraft, and mind control of the Old Illuminati. The New Illuminati is made up of Enlightened Ones who are fighting for humanity. There is no getting away from who controls this world. God’s answer is to promote people into power that have humanity’s best interest at heart, who can influence the Old Illuminati and counteract their devilish ways. If you are enlightened, you know the Mysteries; you know the secrets. Those in the New Illuminati know these secrets, and they attempt to communicate them through their particular mediums of art, music, and business. You can know the Mysteries too, as an ordinary person, if you seek them out-but it is not for everyone to know. This is why those in the New Illuminati continue to use symbols and parables. The Old Illuminati used such things as a form of witchcraft for control and world domination; the New Illuminati uses them to enlighten the masses as to what the truth really is, to try to educate them, and wake them up from the mass hypnosis that most individuals are under. Know your enemy-and also know, that it is not the New Illuminati.
I want to use Justin Timberlake’s New song “Mirrors” to illustrate my point. In this song, Justin is speaking about the metaphysical concept of Twin Flames, Polarities, and illuminating this great mystery for humanity. The truth is that we are all reflections of each other, but some people reflect back good, and some people reflect back evil, because of their evil hearts. This song is obviously about more than his relationship with Jessica Biel- it is not about her at all. In a Twin Flame relationship, you are the perfect reflection of each other. Jessica Biel is not a musician, she is not a Philanthropist,  she is not spiritual, and she is unlike Timberlake in many ways. If they were really perfect mirrors for each other, this would not be the case. There is nothing superficial about a Twin Flame relationship. In a Twin Flame relationship you are literally one spirit, one soul, manifesting as masculine and feminine polarities. Most people are not in Twin Flame relationships, as they are very rare, and they are manifestations of the truest love. So who is JT talking about then? Well, I have already stated that I am Justin’s Twin Flame, in other blogs and videos I’ve made. I stated this way before he was ever married to Jessica Biel. I have also detailed in this blog how Jessica is a manifestation of the Nephythys spirit, the evil twin sister of Isis. Before God had a covenant with Israel, He was present in Egypt. In the book of Isaiah, God calls Egypt “My People.” Yes, that’s in the Prophets. Osiris was the first Avatar, the first manifestation of the Christ. He is NOT Jesus Christ the Savior who was crucified for our sins, but he was a Christed One. He and Isis were real people. They were King and Queen, and they ruled Egypt wisely and faithfully. Osiris was the first Pharaoh, and during his reign, the whole world was at peace.
I want you to know the truth about this “Mirrors” song. It is about the true love that Isis and Osiris have together- it is about their Twin Flame relationship. Alot of really foul, messed up things have gone down to try to keep Isis and Osiris from being together again, and ruling once more. The Nephythys spirit is a major, if not the primary factor, as to why Isis and Osiris are not together in the flesh, operating in their Twin Flame mission and destiny to bring God’s healing, awakening, love, and peace into the world.
I am a Christian. Point blank. Jesus, not Osiris, is my Savior. Yes, I believe in Reincarnation- but did you know that most Jewish people do too? Jesus said that John the Baptist was Elijah, and most Christians stumble over this, and don’t get that He was talking about Reincarnation. There are many mysteries which my brothers and sisters in Christ have not understood. They are quick to call these mysteries satanic, or a form of witchcraft, but this is simply not the case. Justin Timberlake is the reincarnation of Osiris. And I am Isis, his true wife, his true Twin Flame, his true REFLECTION. I hope this blog has given you some insight into the New Illuminati, and into the new single by Justin Timberlake, “Mirrors.” Jessica Biel may have the ring, but I have his heart. May you know the love of God, that is in Christ Jesus alone, and may understanding and wisdom penetrate your heart. Thank you for reading this blog, and God bless.

Justin Timberlake Vs. My New Love: The Race Is On!!!

So… it turns out there is a race for my heart.  Now that I am seeing another guy, my Twin Flame is pleading with me to be with him!! All day I have been turning this situation around in my mind. I guess the guy that enters my life first will be the one.  I love Justin Timberlake, but now he is on a time clock. I’m rooting for him even though I’m actually enjoying my relationship with the other guy more. I have so much history with Justin Timberlake.  I have to give him ONE MORE CHANCE!!!  Today something amazing happened, that has caused our relationship to be reborn. I love you Justin Timberlake. I am waiting for you to make some moves. Enough waiting to be your wife. There is a new king on the scene,so you really need to get your act together. I am yours for now… but you had better hurry up and make your decision.  I’ve waited too long.  The ball is totally in your court. Don’t lose me- if you do, you will regret it for the rest of your life. The race is on…and I really don’t know which guy is going to cross the finish line first!! Stay tuned!!

Behind The Scenes: A Parable

He was crying. Sobbing really. “Please don’t let her leave me God!!! Baby please don’t leave me!!!” Another, younger man, with just as much to offer, had come on the scene. And she was very near a decision to make him the center of her world.
But she couldn’t bear her Twin Flames’ sobbing. ” I didn’t know you loved me like THAT,” she said to him. “I can’t leave you- I won’t. Not if you really love me that much.”
“I’m nothing without you. My life will be nothing if you go,” he replied.
“I’m not going anywhere. You are my true love. You are my husband. I am married to you. God sees. He knows it is true. Surely He favors our love. I will be here. Even if I have to be your second wife.” Healing and Restoration had finally taken place.
“I won’t leave you.  We will fight this darkness together,” she said to him.
“Just as long as I have you, everything is alright,” he replied.”I’m sorry I’ve failed you so many times before. Just to know that you are by my side- it means everything. Every King needs his Queen. And you are the only one that will ever be that to me.”

New Illuminati Queen Sophia Amenti on Justin Timberlake: I am in Love With Him and God has Given him to me for a Husband!!

Hello. I am Sophia Amenti. This blog brings the truth to bear about the New Illuminati. I am their Queen. I am a Starseed and Lightwarrior. I am a prophetess of the Most High God Jehovah, and I preach Jesus Christ as Messiah and Lord. I am in love with Justin Randall Timberlake, the musician and actor. God has given him to me for a husband, which is rather ironic, because he is engaged to Jessica Biel. This whole engagement is totally satanic. I am the Twin Flame and true Eve counterpart, mirror, and helpmeet to Justin Timberlake.  Amenti means “hidden one”, and I have been hidden from the spotlight for my protection. Sophia is the name the Gnostic Christians gave for the divine feminine counterpart of Christ. I am therefore the hidden bride/handmaiden of Christ. I am the divine femine, manifested in the flesh. Yes, there is a Mother God. The Jerusalem above is our MOTHER. That is what Paul said in the New Testament. Anyhow, I have been in a telepathic relationship with Justin, and the members of the New Illuminati for quite some time now. We are all one, and telepathic communication is becoming the norm these days. Justin Timberlake is not going to marry Jessica Biel. Justin is the reincarnation of the Egyptian god Osiris, and I am his sister and queen, Isis. The Nephythys spirit is manifesting in Jessica at this time. The Nephythys spirit has always sought to replace Isis as queen and wife of Osiris. She is possessed with this spirit, just as Britney Spears used to be. This is why Britney had her breakdown, because her soul was serving satan. Jessica Biel will most certainly fail at her attempt to manipulate Justin Timberlake to be by her side. What God has brought together, let no woman put asunder. Eventually you will see that I become the one to marry Justin Timberlake. It’s all in Jehovah’s timing. If Justin and Jessica do make it down the aisle, they will get divorced very shortly thereafter. There is so much spiritual warfare that has tried to keep Isis and Osiris from reuniting. But reunite we will. Why do you think Kanye and Jay-Z said “Watch the Throne”? The hieroglyph for Isis means throne. She is ( I am) the throne upon which kings sit. And Justin Timberlake is the king of the New Illuminati. Stay tuned to my blog and learn the truth about what is going on, and who is really running the show, behind the scenes, on this planet. God bless you and may you know the Grace of the Lord Jehovah, and His son, Jesus Christ.